Big Data Storage

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Big Data Storage

Postby adputer on Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:07 am

Data is enlarged 10X every five years. Unstructured digital content included video, audio, image, log file are main sources of data expansion. The demands for thousands terabytes storage was creating. Current RAID data storage system can not meet big data scale-able requirements. Big Data requires new generation data storage system with distributed servers.

Big Data system based on Hadoop architecture allows bulk of data copied on 3 storage devices, so any one of a physical storage device is failed, another copy of data will be backed up to next available storage device automatically. User can increase the number of server or storage unit on demand. Load balance algorithm allows entire system in fast response to deal with streaming data.

Adputer Data Processing Unit (DPU) is the brick to build big data processing and storage system.
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Re: Big Data Storage

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