Build a Node App and Addons for Windows in VS2013

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Build a Node App and Addons for Windows in VS2013

Postby adputer on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:04 pm

Node addon in Windows 8.x (Draft 0.5.0)

1. Basic Requirements

A Node app along with several C++ addons is typical applications for Network and IoT. In Windows environment, following pre-installed toolsets are required.

* Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition C++
* Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 2013
* Python 2.7.39 (2.7 series) for Windows 64-bit (no 3.x), set python27 path in environment variable in control panel
* Node.js source code (run vcbuild.bat to create solution files)

2. Create Node App Solution and Project

* Select TypeScript Template for Windows .DLL to create the project.

3. Create an addon Project in Solution

Click Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > VC++ Directories > Include Directories > <Edit...> ;
Browse and select node.h directory ./src as well as v8.h directory in ./deps/v8/include.

* set Additional Directories in Compiler of C++ for node.h and v8.h
* set Additional Directories in Link that connect to node.lib in Debug and Release directories. (32-bit/64-bit) * (Debug/Release) 4 .lib files)
* rename .dll to .node. Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > General and set Target Extension to .node
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