Win10 Windows Runtime metadata validation Failed

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Win10 Windows Runtime metadata validation Failed

Postby adputer on Sat Oct 17, 2015 1:57 pm

Error Found:

The type location test detected the following errors:
The types in the SnamlTheatreBlend namespace are located in file C:\mainGame\bin\WinRT_x86_Final\AppX\mainGame.winmd that does not match the namespace.

Impact if not fixed:
Windows store doesn't allow apps that don't pass Windows Runtime Metadata Validation.

How to fix:
Please ensure that the metadata for all Windows Runtime types is located in the winmd file that has the longest namespace-matching name in the appx package.

I changed the namespace generated by Visual for my main XAML class from SnamlTheatreBlend to SnamlTheaterBlend.

Changing the value <RootNamespace>SnamlTheatreBlend</RootNamespace> in my .vcxproj file to SnamlTheaterBlend with Notepad.
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