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Adputer Advertising

By using new technologies such as mChannel video engine, Adputer Player for Digital Signage can show stunning advertising effects. For example, technologies of Chroma Key Ads, Curtain Ads, Frame Ads, and Zoning Ads can be easily implemented by GPU shaders and multi-channel video mixing.

1. Chroma Key Advertising

Chroma Key is a technology that compsites a foreground video along with a background video. The foreground video can be an actor in a room surround by a green wall while a background video can be a beach. The value of chroma key is the value of green color. Both foreground and background videos can be composited so that the green scene of the foreground can be replaced by the corresponding scene of the background video. Chroma Key technology can be represented as an C expression

result = (color0 == key) ? color1 : color0

You can apply Adputer Composer to generate Chroma Key effects by selecting Chroma Key Green or Chroma Key Blue effect along with foreground video in channel one and background video in channel two.

1) Chroma green picture. 2) Video snapshot. 3) Chroma key remix.

You can also replace the foreground video as a jpeg picture in above example. Note: it is better to save a jpeg picture in 100 percent quality and disable sub-sample image. That will remove many jaggies in the remixed video.

2. Curtain Advertising

Curtain Ads is the mixing of a picture and a video or another picture while the first picture moves like a curtain to cover the second media gradually. Curtain ads makes a sense of mysterious to audiences who may be attracted by the disclosure of content gradually. And audiences may pay longer time to watch the ads.

The procedure to generate a curtain ads is simple by using Adputer Player:

  • Geneate curtain media

    Curtain media can be a picture or a video. Usually a picture is used to show a logo or a promotion text. While a video is a decoration to ads. In the example snapshots a video is used as a curtain media.

  • Generate performance media

    Execute Adputer Player

  • Select curtain and performance media
  • The curtain video is disclosed from left to right. In the end the curtain video disclosed from right to left.

  • Watch the display!

3. Frame Advertising

A headline video is mixed with an illustration video by wipe effect in special position. The headline video can be in the center of the display while the illustration video can be displayed around the headline video like a frame. A signature can be overlay on the bottom of the headline video as a watermark. The videos can be replaced as pictures.

In the example above, the headline picture is the Adputer Player. The illustration is the scene of lake. The shader is the circle wipe in Adputer Player software. The real-time composition can generate 3D effects.

4. Zone Advertising

We are going to explain how to make a Digital Signage with zone blending shader by Adputer Player. The snapshot has been displayed on this page.

  • Make a video
    (i) shoot a video (ii) cut video with an creator such as Movie Maker 2 (iii) add audio (iv) save video
  • Make a sign
    (i) photo a group of pictures (ii) make a photo slideshow with these pictures (iii) save as a video
  • Make a ticker
    (i) input and edit text in the ticker dialog box at the bottom (ii) when you hide the control ticker will scroll across the screen
  • Select a shader
    (i) select a zone blending shader in the shader list (ii) you can switch shader on the fly
  • Watch Digital Signage
    (i) open main video in channel 1 (ii) open slidshow video in channel 2 (iii) open a jpeg picture in channel 3
  • Save configuration
    (i) repeat to achieve best result (ii) save result into a .nwm file

This snapshot is for portrait zone. The top zone is an advertising photo; the bottom zone is the entertainment video.

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