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Adputer Digital Signage Solution can be applied to Office, Retailer, and Healthcare. Adputer Solution supports digital media publish in standalone, streaming, and broadcasting. Adputer Player can be a standalone player to present ads from its local storage. It can also display streaming videos from a media center. Furthermore, digital videos can be broadcasted from Adputer Station through a screancast network.

  1. Adputer Live Digital Signage for Enterprise

    • Challenge

      A corporation may wish to add digital signage in the office lobby to show company's achievements and brands for guests and integrate digital signage into existed LAN/WLAN. Unlike IT data network, digital signage network requires high bandwidth for video streaming and remote access for content management. Therefore digital signage network needs high-performance player, fast network, and large storage server.

    • Solution

      Adputer Network consists of Adputer Player HD, Adputer Server HD, and Gigabyte Ethernet or Wireless-N Network.

      Adputer Player HD is a super powerful digital signage player. It can play Full HD 1080p video, stream video through the Cat5e/6 cable of Gigabit ethernet or Wireless-N dual-band network.

      The gigabit switch and gigabit dual-band router are required to construct a high speed digital signage network. A bridge can connect two sub-network together. Tegabyte storage with RAID in the server will work better for media storage.

      It is best to select Full HD 1080p LCD display for Digital Signage. Usually current 42"+ LCD HDTVs are 1080p enabled.

    • Benefits

      The customers of Adputer Inc. had integrated Adputer Players for Digital Signage into their existed enterprise network. They used PowerPoint to create their own contents to display digital signs in Office. The new feature of PowerPoint allows video to be embedded in PowerPoint slideshow. In this way Adputer customers saved lots of cost for content creation by using powerful Adputer Player HD.

  2. Adputer AV IP Network for Digital Signage

    • Challenge

      Digital Signage is supposed to attractive customers with visual advertising and bring them pleasure experience. Unlike billboard, in a restail store customers may watch Digital Signage in a short distance within 2 meters. This makes distinctive difference between Full HD (1080p) and Regular HD (720p) for viewers. Crystal clean Full HD video makes customers feel visual comfortable so it can increase the value of a DS system and get high ROI. Since everything must be Full HD capable in the content, system, and network, we need to design the solution in high performance within affordable cost.

      Adputer Full HD Braodcasting.Network

    • Solution

      Current development of technologies make Full HD DS affordable by using Adputer Solution. Adputer Full HD Broadcasting includes several steps: Capture, Processing, Delivery, and Display.

      * Capture:

      Full HD camcoder had been widely available in reasonable price. Still digital camera has been 10MPixel more (5x Full HD resolution) as well. Today we can easily capture Full HD videos and photos.

      * Processing:

      By using quad core CPU and hundreds core GPU, Adputer Station can implement real-time Full HD processing. Adputer Compositor software can composite Full HD content and advertising instantly from multi-channel video sources.

      * Delivery

      In network, Gigabyte Ethernet can deliver Full HD video in longer distance in security. The homogenous Full HD network can broadcast Full HD video stream from Adputer Station to all the display on the network. In contrast current HDTV cable and satellate broadcast are only 720p HD.

      * Display

      Finally, 40 inch plus HDTVs are almost in Full HD. The price of 40" plus large screen has dropped down dramatically.

      Key Features

      1) Full HD (1080p) Video Broadcasting
      2) Centeral Adputer Station for Processing, Management, and Publishing
      3) Homogenous receiver and display without expensive player
      4) Quality wired Full HD video broadcasting

    • Benefits

      Adputer Full HD Broadcasting Solution for Digital Signage is suitable for narrowcasting applications such as supermarket and retail store. It is a cost saving implementation for DS broadcasting. Full HD quality video can bring both entertainment and advertising for customers. For example, the benefits for supermarket and retail store are

      • Increase product sales in store
      • Bring customer pleasure shopping experience
      • Build store brand
      • Selling advertising space for new income
      • Low cost in broadcast system building
      • Easy management

    • Components

      • Adputer Station (Optional)

        User can purchase their own PCs satisfited Adputer Station's requirements.

      • Adputer Compositor (Software)

        It is used for real-time Full HD video broadcasting and advertising.

      • Adputer Network

        • Transmitter
        • Receiver
        • Splitter

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  3. Adputer Sign for Retailer

    Adputer Sign includes a moveable stand and mounted Adputer Player with Full HD LCD screen.It can be connected to Adputer Station or Internet and provide stream video for Digital Signage.

    The top zone of portrait display is an advertising photo;
    the bottom zone is the entertainment video.

    • Challenge

      Sometimes each screen in different location need to display distinctive media and ads. The Stream Solution is suitable for this application.

    • Solution

      Adputer Sign consists of a 28" to 40" LCD Display up to 1920x1200 resolution and an Adputer Player that is mounted on an stand. You can put the stand on the floor or on a movable cabinet. A wireless router is pre-installed for Internet connection and Local Are Network. The total power consumption of the Adputer Sign is less than 150 watt. Adputer Sign is a movable, zero-mount, and instant to use Digital Signage.

      • System

        • Player, 28" LCD 1080p, Stand, Price (US$1299)

        • Player, 32" LCD 720p, Stand, Price (Call)

        • Player, 37" LCD 720p, Stand, Price (Call)

        • Player, 40" LCD 1080p, Stand, Price (Call)

    • Benefits

      For Digital Signage applications such as Coffee Shop, the benefits of Adputer on-Demand Solution are

      • Bring customer pleasure experience
      • Build store brand
      • Selling advertising space for new income
      • Provide useful information to customers
      • Easy management for on-demand streaming video

      This diagram is a typical application case of Adputer Solution for Coffee Shop. Adputer Solution is scalable from one to multiple player(s) with displays. The mobile station can be a notebook pc with mobile hard disks.

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