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How to Design Adputer Advertising?

Since Adputer Player is a mulit-channel video player, it provides a new method to design and generate advertising video. So an advertising can be composited from multi-layer (multi-channel) elements as theme, illustration, text, and light. It provides flexible and saves the cost of advertising production.

1. Introduction

In advertising design the famous AIDA Formula represents Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Attention is the process of turning one's mind to a particular activity. Media illustration is to obtain interest of viewers. Desire fills a particular need. Action causes the viewer of ads to go ahead. Advertising elements in the Digital Signage are designed around the AIDA formula as well.

This picture will be used for a demo later. Click to enlarge.          

In 2D advertising design, Headline is to gain attention of viewers. It may include product or company name, command, question, superlative, and product advantages. Usually a headline is represented by an object and big font and animation texts. Illustration is to obtain interest of viewers. There are video, photograph, drawing, and sketch. Copy tries to change wants into needs. It creates desire to buy, look into, or pursue. It is the written part of the ads, explicit and implicit meanings of words. Signature leaves the information of who and where as well as product name, trademark, or company logo.

2. Adputer Advertising Design

Adputer Advertising Desing is a layer advertising desing. A frame of video is constructed by several components in each layer (channel). Then all channel videos are composited in real-time with effects to generated final picture. The four channel can be:

  • Theme Channel:

    This is the main video or animation to show a character or an object.

  • Illustration Channel:

    This is video or picture in the backgroud.

  • Text Channel:

    This is phrases for headline and description.

  • Light Channel:

    This is an optional channel for light effects.

The procedure below is an example of Adputer Advertising Design.

Theme is the picture of Adputer Player, which is a black box with bracket around. The box was shot in 3D perspective portrait. The shadow can generate fog effect in the later composition.

Turn the picture right 90 degree as landscape.

Illustration is the Ontario Lake, which is used as the background of the Adputer Player.

The shader of special effects is designed as i) Theme channel is Adputer Player picture. ii) Illustration is the picture of Ontario Lake. iii) The shader is to zoom Adputer Player out of the Lake with wipe transform.

Signature is the copyright of Adputer Inc on the top-right picture. It is a text and is painted on the illustration picture.

3. Programmable Shader

The used HLSL shader is Circle Wipe, an item in the shader list of Adputer Player. You do not need to learn HLSL language to use a shader in Adputer Player. What you do is to select an item in shader list and watch the effects in real-time. To learn more HLSL programming you can read HLSL Introduction.

The shader of Circle Wipe is computed as follow: when a point is inside a circle of radius a, the result is the point of the first picture; When a point is outside a circle of radius b, the result is the point of the second picture; In the middle between a and b, a point is computing by the linear combination.

4. Summary

By using GPU, Adputer Player can generate advertising with movie effects in real-time. It demonstrates the capability of Adputer Player and Adputer Station, which can do real-time video processing for live video in streaming.

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