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Adputer Center

Adputer Center is a computer system and network that works for the Digital Media Applications and Services. The media processing can be a live media like IPTV or on-demand media like YOUTUBE. The live media processing and publishing may require live HD video capture, multi-channel video/audio inputs, real-time video mixing, instant switchable effects, multi-channel video decoding in parallel, media record and transcode, and publish video in stream server.

Adputer Center implemented several innovative technologies for the applications of digital broadcasting, digital signage, and online video. The architecture of Adputer Center includes Capturer, Mixer, Server/Streamer, and Managerment. Entire system is designed in scalable, compatible, reliable, and real-time.

  1. Architecture

  2. Full HD video living capture, multi-channel decoding in parallel, real-time video mixing, and instant switchable visual effects are tech challenges for receiving and processing sub-system. Media transcoding, large media storage, and high throughput publishing are other challenges for server on streaming and braodcasting.

    The architecture of Adputer Center consists of Capturers, Mixer, Server/Streamer. A Capturer can acquire HD video from many sources like camera, file, ip network, or blu-ray. The Mixer can composite multi-channel media in real-time with rich effects. Finally a recorder converts the media output from the mixer to a server that will transcode to a publishing media like H.264. The Cloud or Internet is connected into the Adputer Center to provide service for users in the world.

    The workflow of Adputer Center starts from the Capturers, then go to the Mixer, and finally sink in server or broadcast through streamer. High performance and throughput are required for living media processing.

    The Management of Adputer Center plays the key role to entire system. The functions include the management of System, Storage, Network, Security, Content, Event, and Program.

    • The System Management is responsible for hardware and system.
    • The Storage Management is responsible for storage and backup.
    • The Network Management is for cable, ethernet, wireless, or 3G/4G network.
    • The Security Management keeps system, network, and content in security.
    • The Content Management is for video, audio, and document management.
    • The Event Management is for event schedule.
    • The Program Management is for workflow control.

    Adputer Center can also be a Mobile Media Center. That requires small form facts, low power consumption, long battery life, and wireless connection.

  3. Applications

    • Digital Signage

    • Digital Signage is a technology that replaces traditional printing signs by dynamic signs with LCD screens, Embedded Computer Systems, and Network. The Digital Signage System can deliver vivid motion pictures and crystal clean pictures to capature consumers' attention instantly. In addition, advertising can be upgraded, distributed, and expressed effectively through Digital Signage Network.

      Adputer Center for Digital Signage.

      Adputer Center can do real-time HD video mixing and can display Full HD videos on a screen wall that is constructed by multiple small screens. Users can capture HD video, mix them with effects, and publish on the media server. So anybody can access your video in the world through Internet.

    • Broadcasting

    • In broadcasting Picture in Picture (PiP) allows one TV channel to be displayed on full screen while another TV channel to be displayed in overlay. Picture-in-picture usually needs two tuners to receive two TV signals. The primary tuner may receive cable TV program while secondary tuner may receive DVD player or PC display.

      8-parallel videos are zoning on the screen.

      Since Adputer Center can accept n-channel video simultaneously, it can deploy Picture-in-picture (PiP) in multiple mode. For example, Adputer Center with 4-channel support can implement PiP in 1-in-1, 2-in-1, and 3-in-1. That allows you to watch 3 subtitle channels in one full screen movie. For example, in Olympic Game you can watch swimming while preview basketball and switch them if you want to change your focus.

  4. Adputer Center

  5. Let's look at the architecture diagram of Adputer Center again.

    Adputer Center is constructed in a 4U server chasis. High performance video capture, mixing, processing and streaming are done in the Adputer Center.

    • Adputer Center (Office)
    • Its advantages are high performance and throughput, scalablility, and reliability. Its performance and price can upgrade by using latest new technology.

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