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Adputer Station

Adputer Station implemented several innovative technologies for the applications of digital learning network, digital broadcasting, digital signage center, and VJ. It includes Source, Media Server, Video Mixer, Recorder/Transcoder, Managerment.

Architecture Diagram of Adputer Solution for Digital Signage.
  1. Management

  2. There are System, Storage, Network, Security, Content, Event, and Program Management sub- systems. System Management manages hardware and system. Storage Management manages storage and backup. Network Management manages cable, ethernet, wireless, or 3G/4G network. Security Management keeps player, station, network, and content in security. Content Management manages media and advertising contents. Event Management schedules events. Program Management mangages programs.

  3. Broadcasting

  4. In analog TV industry, Picture in Picture (PiP) allows one TV channel to be displayed on full screen while another TV channel to be displayed in overlay. Picture-in-picture usually needs two tuners to receive two TV signals. The primary tuner may receive cable TV program while secondary tuner may receive DVD player or PC display. The Blu-ray Disc for HD movies included Picture-in-picture so you can watch video comments and a movie.

    PIP 3-in-1. Three parallel videos are over the main window.

    Since Adputer Station can run n-channel video simultaneously, it can deploy Picture-in-picture (PiP) in multiple mode. For example, Adputer Station with 4-channel support can implement PiP in 1-in-1, 2-in-1, and 3-in-1. That allows you to watch 3 subtitle channels in one full screen movie. In Olympic Game, you can watch swimming while preview basketball and switch them if you want to change your focus.

  5. Adputer Station Specification

  6. Processor Intel Core i5 Quad-Core X86 32nm 64-bit
    Memory 2xDDR3 4GB/1333MHz, upto 32GB
    Operating System Windows 7 64-bits

    Download Datasheet

  7. Adputer Solution for Digital Learning Network

  8. Current development of technologies make Full HD video affordable by using Adputer Solution. Adputer Digital Learning Network includes several steps: Capture, Processing, Delivery, Display, and Feedback.

    Adputer Solution for Digital Learning Network

    * Capture:

    Video camcoder and mic had been widely available now. The video and voice of a teacher can be captured from an Adputer Station.

    * Processing:

    By using super fast CPU/GPU, Adputer Station can implement real-time Full HD processing. Adputer Compositor software can composite Full HD content and broadcast instantly to multiple players of students through gigabit ethernet.

    * Delivery

    In network, Gigabyte Ethernet can deliver Full HD video in longer distance in security. The homogenous Full HD network can broadcast Full HD video stream from Adputer Station to all the display on the network.

    * Display

    Finally, 40 inch plus HDTVs are almost in Full HD. The price of 40" plus large screen has dropped down dramatically.

    * Feedback

    Students can send feedback messages from their own remote keyboard and mouse to teacher.

    Key Features

    1) Full HD (1080p) Video Broadcasting Teaching
    2) Centeral Adputer Station for Processing, Management, and Broadcasting
    3) Quality and reliable wired Full HD video broadcasting

  9. Benefits

    Adputer Solution for Digital Learning Network is an interactive narrowcasting network. Full HD quality video can bring both real-time video and course contents to students.

    • Speed up learning
    • Allow student to do real-time simulation
    • Low cost in broadcast system building
    • Easy management

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